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To produce young men of integrity who serve as positive members of their school and community.


Develop the character, pride, and ladership skills of high school boys in Lamar Consolidated ISD through the participation in the sports of lacrosse, at a competitive leve, while placing a high value on their academic achievements.


Cole Values

  • Unity - Individuals putting the group ahead of themselves to perform as one unit.

  • Commitment- Dedication to a stated purpose despite temptations to abadon it.

  • Respect - The appreciate and admiration of the efforts, perspectives and rights of others.

  • Self Discipline - The pursuit of a goal without external supervision.

  • Focus - The ability to block out distractions and concentrate one's mental energy on a singular pursuit.

  • Fun - An environment that creates excitement and a sense of fulfillment.

We are in our 7th season of bringing the fast-paced, high-energy, full contact sport of lacrosse to the athletes of George

Ranch High School and other Lamar Consolidated ISD High School area students.

We believe in providing the safest equipment and facilities for its players and strives to make the program affordable for ALL


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