Pre-Season 2020 Registration is Open

2020   Pre - Season Registration

  • Timeframe

    Pre-Season will run from September 8 through mid-January. We will then transition to the regular spring season, which will have a separate registration.

  • Practices

    September/October - ONE practice per week on Sundays – 3:30-4:00 skill development for new players, 4:00-5:30 regular practice for all.

    November/December/January - TWO-THREE practices per week. One on Sundays plus weekday(s) after school, days/time TBD

    All practices are planned to take place at the George Ranch complex

  • Play

    THREE-FOUR Scrimmages total against local teams in November/December/January

  • Fees

    All registrations and fees are due before the beginning of practice on October 6th

    All players must be members with US Lacrosse ($35 annual fee. Separate cost.

    Pre-Season Base Price: $200

2019/20 Equipment Options - Borrow, Buy or Bring Your Own

  • Borrow - Players can borrow the club's helmet ($100 deposit) and/or set of shoulder pads, elbow pads & gloves ($50 deposit). Return your gear - complete and in good condition - at the end of the spring season and receive your deposit back. If gear is not returned by the last day of school, your deposit will go to purchase the gear. Player provides stick.

  • Buy - Players can purchase a helmet ($100) and/or set of shoulder pads, elbow pads & gloves ($50). At the end of the season, they are yours to keep. Player provides stick.

  • Bring Your Own - All helmets must be silver and external pads (elbow and gloves) must have white as the dominant color.

  • Goalies - Club provides goalie pads and stick

Base Cost: $200.00

Closes: 10/06/2019 

Open to: Boys 

In Grades: 9 to 12 for 2019-20 School Year

Register today.